The Beekeeper association Marienburg was founded in 1950. Since 1993 the association owns a property that is allowing for private beekeeping and is located near the village Detfurth. This place is also used for regular events, workshops and sitting together.

Today we are about 100 members in the association caring for more than 450 beehives. Also, the number of women and young people starting with beekeeping and joining the association is pleasantly increasing. Over the years we keep an active contact among our members and shaped the organisation into a modern structure.

We take intensively care for our new members to support them starting with beekeeping. Thus, we offer classes on the property and guide them through the first year of the bee’s lifecycle in theory and practise.
Those members who cannot keep their bees on their own property may leave them on the association’s premisses.

You may find the upcoming events and classes on our calendar. For more information and getting in contact please send us an email using the contact details page or call us by mobile phone number 0157/ 53885094.

Georg Hertle
First chairman